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We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish. - Tony Robbins

Have you heard the controversy over the remarks of Paul Tudor Jones about women traders? In the interview Paul Tudor Jones raises several points about what he sees as essential traits for successful traders. Unfortunately while getting his message across he uses little tact with regard to women traders and makes some sweeping generalisations.

You can see the brief interview that’s causing all the fuss here:

“The Next Decades Will Prove Paul Tudor Jones Wrong” on TraderPlanet

In an article on TraderPlanet I respond to some of the issues he raises, particularly with regard to women.

“As a young girl I was taught to “never say never.” Times are changing and we can’t foretell or project the future with certainty. The most incredible discoveries are constantly being made. The rate of change is speeding up and it’s an advantage to accept change, be adaptive and to capitalize as it happens.” Read more at TraderPlanet.

What Paul Tudor Jones Did Get Right

Paul Tudor Jones raises two points that I agree are essential for forex trading success.  They are:

  • Controlling your emotions and not letting them impact your trading.
  • The need for “repetitions” to get the probabilistic skill set ingrained so that you have the right trading temperament for trading success.

Where my beliefs differ is that I believe controlling emotions is a skill that can be learnt and developed.  Every trader, both men and women, can learn to have even level-headed emotions when trading, accompanied with a high level of concentration.

When we’re very young children we wear our emotions on our sleeve, so transparent they are.  As we age we become much more balanced and controlled with our emotions as adults.  This process shows that we can improve our emotional control and we can further.

It takes acknowledgement that a change is needed, determined practice (Paul calls them “reps”) and a strong determination to change.

Becoming a successful trader is a journey and a process that happens over time.  Along the way, YOU will change.

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Join Women Traders Unite, a group to bring together women traders for riches, happiness and companionship through trading.

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Let’s get thinking

  • What do you think about the comments by Paul Tudor Jones?
  • Do you think you can improve your emotional control?
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2 Responses so far.

  1. robert nix says:

    in ‘The New Market Wizards’ (Schwager),Linda Bradford Raschke is included.In fact,she put on a trade three hours after she gave birth to her daughter,she tells in the book.

    Re’ iamfx’ which you mentione! ,Rach,a lot of red flags. Headquartered in Panama,does no business with US citizens or anyone residing there,Also,mostly bad reviews (Google).

    • Hi Robert

      Gosh, Linda was a committed women trader!

      I mentioned IamFX because they are in Canada like you. Unfortunately it’s hard to find a broker without some unhappy traders who express themselves in reviews. Many brokers won’t trade with US citizens because the US have tight regulations that are more prohibitive than what the brokers are offering customers.

      Cheers Rachel

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