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Does Forex Trading Suit A Creative Or Disciplined Person
Do we benefit from being creative or disciplined for successful forex trading?  What’s required so we can enjoy the land of the plenty?

Many of us might like to consider ourselves either more of a creative type or more of a disciplined sort of person.  At first glance it’s hard to see that we could be some beautiful combination of creative-discipline because they appear to express themselves in opposition.

What is Creativity?

Creativity conjures up the use of imagination, generating original ideas and having a vision.

There are plenty of visual images in cyberspace where the creative has the messy desk as they focus on generating ideas and imagining their hearts out.  The mind is elsewhere and structure and order is not at the forefront of the creative mind.

Well, whether or not a creative comes hand in hand with a messy desk is something I’m in two minds over, but it seems to be characteristic of a creative trait that may not value spending time putting things in order.

What is Discipline?

Those of us who are disciplined tend to obey the rules, conform to proper codes of behavior and have structure and order in how they go about their daily life.

The stereotype is the tidy desk as the disciplined person values and spends time putting documents away in an orderly fashion and may have difficulty working in an environment in disarray.

Applying Creativity and Discipline to Forex Trading

It’s very well accepted that discipline is necessary for successful forex trading, but what about the creative amongst us?  Can a creative person be a gun forex trader?

For any sustainable forex trading business, the forex trader needs to be adaptive to changing market conditions, changing technology and innovation.  Everything around us is constantly evolving and changing.  As time goes on the speed of change has its foot firmly fixed on the accelerator.  The speed with which we embrace, accept and strategically position ourselves has an impact on our results.

We need to tab into our creative sides to have the vision to steer our forex trading through the maze of changes and opportunities that present themselves.  A creative mind also benefits the development and application of forex trading strategies.

Discipline pays dividends when it comes to the execution of forex trading strategies that we’ve found using our vision and tested in an orderly manner.  Discipline is about sticking firm to our forex trading plan after we’ve applied creative vision to develop it.

Can A Creative Person Succeed Forex Trading?

Absolutely, a creative person can succeed forex trading.  They bring vision to the development and steering of their forex trading business enabling them to take it to lucrative heights and beyond.

Structural processes, reporting and computers can lend themselves to help tame the creative trader’s free styling side in areas where dogmatic rigidity pays.

Balancing our Creative and Disciplined Sides

The best profile of a successful forex trader is a balance where the trader has the creative vision to steer their forex trading forward and the discipline to take it where the forex trading plan says to go.

We need to work to keep our dominant side in check, strengthen our weaknesses and appreciate our strengths.

Share your thoughts:

  • Are you more creative or disciplined?
  • How has your creativity and/or discipline impacted your forex trading?

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About Rachel Hunter TraderRachAbout the Author: I’m Rachel Hunter, TraderRach, a Forex Trader who helps traders achieve the life they love with forex.  Be strategic and design your trading business for sustainable success and have fun!  That’s my mission.  Join many traders’ gaining the edge with “10 Powerful Lessons for Forex Trading Success” plus other goodies.  Years of precious learning specially packaged up for you.  My background before trading is as a Chartered Accountant and Chief Financial Officer.   I know what it takes to make a trading business rock on.  It would give me great pleasure to make a difference to your success.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. robert nix says:

    hi Rach: creative vs.disciplined ia a tough one.I think there are almost always some rules to be followed for the creative approach to work ; for example you can’t write a vocal part with notes all over the place because the singer won’t be able to pitch the part and nobody would want to listen anyway;similarly when i was doing ad lib jazz choruses they were done against the melody and the given chord progression.
    In designing a trading plan i don’t throw darts but hopefully am aware of what indicators are available and make my choices.
    I don’t know if this is helpful but as i said i think it’s a tough subject,like psychology. Regards.

    • Hi Robert

      Thank you for your comment. Like you say it’s a tough subject and there are challenges to getting the balance right between creativity and discipline. Through self-awareness and analysis we can go a long way towards conquering ourselves to achieve what we want.

      Cheers Rachel

  2. HelloForex says:

    I can’t agree more with discipline… sometimes creativity is played by ego, and ego likes to mess things up, and I’m not good at mastering my ego at the moment…

    I think I’ll learn to achieve a balance between the 2 once I have enough experience and knowledge by following discipline. :)

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