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10 Powerful Lessons For Forex Trading Success

The Powerful Lessons For Forex Trading Success series will be delivered by email one lesson per week over 10 weeks.

Becoming an awesome trader is a journey and process that happens over time.  Your thinking, way of being and responding changes.  I’m delivering the lessons over 10 weeks to give you time to really take on board the lesson before the next gem of information comes along.

In this series of lessons I’ll share original thinking and discoveries that are so valuable.  I’ve spent many years accumulating these discoveries and I’ll share them with you to fast track your progress and success.  This is part of my commitment to adding awesome value to my email subscribers.

I love feedback and comments.  Please email me at rach@traderrach.com to let me know what you think about the lessons along the way.  What connects with you, what gives you a moment of clarity and takes your trading to a new level.

TraderRach Doubtmeter ©

Doubt is like a road block to your trading that’s sometimes deep in hiding.  It can affect you in many ways and sometimes it’s not even obvious it’s there.  It can get you rationalising all the reasons in the world that you should do this or that to avoid the pain of losing.

The more protection you have against Doubt the better.  The TraderRach Doubtmeter helps you become aware of the your own personal factors that may influence how doubt affects you.

Read the full article: How To Send Doubt Packing From Your Forex Trading


Click here for the TraderRach Doubtmeter self-assessment tool (pdf):  TraderRach Doubtmeter © Self Assessment Tool

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