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Forex Coffee Fix - Premium Forex Education

Forex Coffee Fix is premium forex trading education with a difference.

Designed with your success in mind, Forex Coffee Fix provides:

    • Guidance to act strategically to live the life you love with forex trading.
    • A process to build a sustainable forex business.
    • Understanding technical indicators and how they are appropriate for different market conditions.
    • Elements of a trading system and how to design it for your evolving trading persona and needs.
    • Understanding and evaluating your trading psychology.
    • A feedback process for continued improvement.
    • Providing ideas that spark brilliance and to challenge your thinking.

Forex Coffee Fix is designed to give you the skills to manage your own forex trading business to achieve success as you define it.  It will progressively help you build the skills and a portfolio to plan and progress your trading.

More than method, successful forex trading is a full and challenging process.  Forex Coffee Fix is comprehensive education to show you the way forward to achieve your dreams.

Why “Forex Coffee Fix”?

Forex Coffee Fix is designed to give you ideas, direction and to energise you like a caffeine rush, so you can take your trading forward to new levels.

The training comes at regular interviews to give you a continuous source of directed motivation on tap.

How is Forex Coffee Fix delivered? 

Successful forex trading is a journey that takes time.  We need to learn the skills, gain the knowledge, improve our trading and change ourselves.

Forex trading is part academic, part practical and part personal decisions.  A forex trader needs time to absorb the lesson, apply the lesson and then be ready for the next steps.

I want to help you achieve the life you love with forex the best I can and this training is designed for your success.

Participants who join this forex trading journey will twice monthly receive any of instructional videos, pdf worksheets, spread sheets and anything else relevant to the topic to give you clear communication, the tools and the greatest chance to succeed.

What do you need to take full advantage of Forex Coffee Fix?

    • A device to access the internet, such as computer, iPad or smartphone.
    • An internet connection that can support video playback.
    • Ability to use Excel spread sheets.

Who is Forex Coffee Fix suitable for?

Forex Coffee fix is step-by-step forex trading education that’s progressive and introduces ideas and tools that may be new to forex traders or you may not be already implementing them.

It’s suitable for both beginning and experienced forex traders.  For forex traders’ starting out it’s a guide on how to trade well from the start.  For current forex traders it will challenge some existing ideas, provide continuing education and improve the direction of your forex trading.

Forex Coffee Fix is not suitable for other trading educators because I’m assuming your trading is going well enough without this training, which may impact on the value you receive.

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