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Early on in our trading we’re not endowed with the vision and insights to know what successful trading entails.  We have some idea, but without first hand experiences or a really involved mentor to steer and guide us, we largely learn by trial and error. Here I’m going to reflect back on my early days as a trader to share the first three lessons I learned, so that they may [...]

Continuing with my trading journey, when I first came to put together a trading system the trading instrument was shares.  At that time, many years ago, that is what most of the trading groups discussed and what most of the education focused on.  Now with contracts for difference and other leveraged products it seems strange that I started purchasing non-leveraged physical shares, but there it goes.

Continuing on with my trading journey, I came across a Technical Analysts group and joined that to find out more about trading and to increase my knowledge.  Being a Technical Analysts group there was a major focus on price action combined with a multitude of indicators and the theory behind it.  The amount of indicators and breath of knowledge to learn seemed endless.  So began my quest for trading knowledge. [...]

To start this blog I thought it fitting to go back to the very beginning and review and reflect on the start of my own trading journey. My background is as a Chartered Accountant having worked for both commercial and chartered accountancy firms.  Latterly I had senior roles that were always all-consuming leaving little time for much else.  It was a career path that took many years of education and [...]