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5 Ways To Boost Belief In Your Trading

One of the challenges of trading is that the market can reward you handsomely for bad trading behaviours, kick you badly when you trade well and everything in between.  Trading can be confusing and get you wracked with doubt as your equity curve whips around on the journey to riches.

Doubt finds its way into our mind so easily that it’s seriously important to make war against it and actively bolster our belief in our trading.  Here I share 5 ways to increase your confidence to stay on track. Read more »

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Categories: Trading Psychology
5 Tips For Trading In Low Volatility Markets

The currency markets are experiencing a period of low volatility over recent months.

Since November 27, 2013, the euro/dollar (EURUSD) has gone from a medium term peak in the daily average true range (ATR)22 of 96 pips to 56 pips now.  That’s a 42% reduction in the average range the currency is traveling in a day.

History has a habit of repeating itself and Read more »

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Categories: Forex Market
7 Essentials To Become An Elite Trader

Many traders set out on a journey and focus largely on finding the right method and increasing their skill set around putting that into action.  Of course, having a method with an edge is necessary to be profitable, but there’s a lot more to becoming an elite trader.

Here are 7 essentials to become an elite trader. Read more »

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Categories: Trading Psychology
5 Secrets Bollinger Bands Reveal

We’ve been blessed with Bollinger Bands® since John Bollinger created them in the 1980’s.  Now, many a trader uses Bollinger bands in a variety of ways, each seeking their way to vast fortunes.

For the chartists amongst us, a Bollinger band on a chart adds perspective and context to price movements that otherwise may look quite random. Read more »

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Categories: Technical Indicators
5 Ways To Improve Your Trading Now

As one year passes and another arrives it’s an excellent time to review the year that’s been, take some “biggie” improvement action points out of it and step forward with clarity and purpose for an even better year ahead.  Here I share an article that I wrote for TraderPlanet so you may benefit too.

Here are 5 majors to consider when taking stock. Read more »

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