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About Rachel Hunter

Welcome! I’m Rachel Hunter, a.k.a. TraderRach

Welcome to my forex trading blog, where I share some thought provoking articles about forex trading, which I hope you find valuable.

Trading financial markets comes with a lot of risks, especially with leveraged investments.  My philosophy is that understanding risk management is paramount to successfully trade the markets.  It’s important to have a clear understanding about what the risks are and to fully understand the product you’re trading.  You can access more about risk management here.

Another important step for traders is to have a monitoring and feedback process, where you can continually evaluate and improve your trading.  I like to use monitoring processes that separately isolate your performance, the market’s performance and the broker’s performance.  This is a way to manage continuous improvement in markets that reward both good and bad behaviour and vice versa for poor results.

These are just a few tips to help you on your way.

Professional Bio

I’m a successful forex trader who’s also traded shares and futures in the past and I’d like to share my experiences with you to help you become informed.

As well as finding me here at TraderRach.com, I can be seen at TraderPlanet, FX Trader Magazine and Active Trader Magazine, sharing my knowledge to make a difference to forex traders.

I’m a highly experienced Chartered Accountant having been Senior Manager at Deloitte and working in many industries up to the level of Chief Financial Officer.

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