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About Forex For Forex Traders - Resources for Forex Traders - for your trading edge


Forex trading articles to help you gain an edge with your trading.

4 Powerful Insights For Giving Up Your Day Job For Trading

Learn 4 must know considerations for giving up your day job to trade full time.

How to Design A Trading System Using Technical Analysis

Outlining a structured approach on how to design a trading system using technical analysis indicators.

How to Send Doubt Packing From Your Forex Trading

Doubt can cripple forex traders.  Learn how to improve your resilience to doubt so this doesn’t happen to you.

How To Use The Forex Factory Calendar Plus Forex Tips

Step by step guide for setting up and using the Forex Factory Calendar.  Forex tips about scheduled economic news events for the technical forex trader.  Plus a hidden trap to beware of!

Forex Leverage – Don’t Flush Your Trading Capital!

To make money trading, first and foremost, you must protect your trading capital.  Here are some new perspectives on keeping your trading capital safer by the sensible use of leverage and managing broker risk.

Forex Market State – Are We Off Having a Snooze?

Forex trading systems do not work all the time in all market conditions.  Here I discuss the four market states, the importance of recognising what market state you’re in and knowing which market states your system suits.

Stop Losses In The Forex Market Chaos

Putting stop losses in the market is essential for effective risk management.  Here I discuss why it’s important to set stop losses and why traders’ often don’t like setting them.

8 Ways A Forex Trader Can Prepare For Computer Failure

Forex trading is done online and has a huge reliance on computers.  When computers fail or lose connection you run the risk of excessive loss outside the parameters you’ve set.  Here are some ways to protect yourself from the excessive risk of loss from computer failure, which will likely come one day.  Be prepared!

Forex Trading Nightmare – Taking Care of Trading Psychology

All traders’ at some stage are going to be freaked out by their trading when they’re trading large enough sizes.  This fear is real and it could affect your performance if you don’t recognise it and get prepared.

Play To Win The Forex Timeframe Game

Choosing your trading timeframe can have a large impact on whether you’re profitable and by how much.  Read this to help you choose the best timeframe to trade to increase your chance of success.  You broker will get paid before you!

5 Forex Trading Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

Be aware and focus on eliminating these forex trading mistakes or be eaten alive!

Forex Trading Books To Get The Good Times Rolling

Top recommended forex trading books to help you reach your goals.

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Sharing my forex trading journey to help you on your own trading journey.

The Egg is Laid – A Trader Is Born

When we start trading we all come from different backgrounds.  Our background can influence how we deal with the challenges of trading.

Technical Indicator Overload – Brain Explosion

When I was learning to trade I learnt a lot about technical indicators.  Here I discuss how to keep the wealth of information about technical indicators in perspective and use technical indicators in a way that helps rather than hinders.

Starting Trading – How Do You Get Bad Luck Like This?

I started live trading into a Global Financial Crisis. Here I share my experience and what saved me from trading into oblivion so that it may prevent you from the pain.

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This series develops a forex 5 minute trading strategy.  This series is on hold due to recent computer issues and time conflicts with the trading session.

Forex 5 Minute Trading Strategy – Introduction [Video]

 Short video giving an overview of the forex 5 minute trading strategy that is being developed.  This discusses important information relating to developing a new strategy in a way that protects you.

Forex 5 Minute Trading Strategy – Live Trading Day 1 – The Market Is Like A Cat Chasing It’s Own Tail [Video]

Short video showing day one of live trading of the 5 minute trading system under development.

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A little bit of thinking from another persons perspective can inspire a great idea!  Maybe these articles will spark your inner genius!

High Performance Sport – What Can We Learn for Trading?

Winning at trading is like winning at sport.  Winning is an attitude and a skill.  Here I take a look at the similarities between top level tennis and trading so we can learn from it.

5 Great Trading Quotes

Well inspired trading quotes can provide great wisdom, motivation and inspiration.  Here’s a selection of 5 great trading quotes.  Enjoy these quotes and share your own trading quote favourites in comments.

7 Trading Reasons I’m Thankful for This Thanksgiving

In the constant search to improve and exceed at our trading, sometimes it’s great to stop and reflect on what we’re thankful for about our trading journey.  In this article I discuss reasons why I’m thankful and hope that it will inspire you to consider the gifts you have in your life right now.

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An Insiders View To The NZD – You Can’t Cage A Kiwi

Have you ever wanted to know more about New Zealand and what drives the New Zealand economy and the NZD?  Here’s a New Zealander’s perspective.

Cyprus Fraud From A Forex Traders Perspective

Looking at the potential impact of crazy actions in Europe for the Cyprus bailout.  A lot of great views and insights shared here!

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Why Women Can Be An Inspiration Through Trading

Learn why trading’s a great fit for women.

Never Say Never About Women Traders Paul Tudor Jones

Examining the comments by Paul Tudor Jones, mega-rich US hedge fund billionaire, about women traders.